Voiceover Spotlight – Movie Voiceovers

Many of the most memorable voiceovers have taken place within the film industry. Regardless if they happened during a movie trailer or in the middle of a real feature film, the ultimate movie voiceovers are the ones that get the crowd standing up and cheering.

Other types of voiceovers can take place in short commercial spots. These are typically aired online on video sites. Others are used as previews just before the actual feature film presentation. Then there are those on broadcast television. Movie voiceover positions can be divided into categories based on the intent and genre of a movie. Some examples might include documentaries, children’s movies, action films, romantic comedies, dramas and horror movies. Which type of voiceover used usually depends immensely on the category the movie falls under.

How to Get Started

Typically, it starts with a friend, family member or colleague to give you a compliment on your voice and the thought of becoming a movie voiceover actor blossoms. Once the compliments come from individuals who are not inside the familiar circle, the person becomes inspired to thoroughly research and make an action plan for his or her ‘new’ voiceover profession.

Voiceover Coaches

Voiceover coaches will identify your voice type and give you suggestions on the type of work that you would be best at. They will help you develop your voice range, both technically and artistically. You will definitely want to book an appointment with a coach who will be more than happy to assess your voice and get you started in his or her training program.

Create a Demo Reel

When it comes time to showcase your talent when job hunting, you will want to create a demo reel. People who are doing the hiring generally do not care what you look like. Therefore, it is essential that your demo reel really represents you. Keep in mind that you only have a very brief time period to grab the interest of the potential employer. Make sure you add your best material within the first 30 seconds of your tape. You can include imitations of scripts/characters that exist already on your demo reel or your original work.

Find a Talent Agent

Much like any other type of actor, the movie voiceover actor has to have an agent represent his or her in order to get booked. It’s the agent’s job to notify you of local casting calls and match you with the best suited jobs.

Skills Needed

Obviously, an essential skill is a good voice and one of the most important parts of being considered for a voiceover career. Speaking and reading well is also essential and if done eloquently it is even better.

However, if you do not have the right training and education, no matter how good your voice sounds, it is useless when you are trying to begin a career in movie voiceover. Most if not all professional voiceover artists suggest taking voice lessons. It would not hurt to get some type of acting courses in as well since acting is a large part of movie voiceover work.