Voiceover Success Stories: Overcoming the Challenges of the Industry

The voiceover industry is not easy. If you’re just starting out, you may have already realized this and wonder if you’ll make it. Before you give up, read about these two voiceover artists who overcame some of the most difficult, but common challenges in the industry.

Voiceover Success Stories

Lack of Experience – Lack of Work

Ariana, a voiceover artist, completed her training and spent a long time on demos with her mentor. When she started to apply for work, she found that most of the rejections had to do with her lack of experience. The problem was that her lack of experience prevented her from getting work and not getting work was preventing her from getting the experience she needed.

Just as Ariana was about to lose her apartment due to not having any money, she decided to borrow some money from loved ones and offer her voiceover services for free. One of the businesses she applied for seemed to be interested in her, but they only wanted someone with experience. She offered to work with them for no payment to show them she could provide what they needed. The business took her up on her offer!

After two successful projects, the business decided to hire her full time with a competitive salary.  Ariana was able to pay back her loved ones and move into a larger apartment.

Hard to Please Clients

Voiceover projects can sometimes involve dealing with difficult clients. They are particular and want the final product to be exactly what they imagine it should be. Being able to meet the expectations of some clients seem impossible. This was the case for Christian, another voiceover artist.

He was so excited when he found out he was chosen for a huge voiceover project with a company he admired. When he received the script and background information, he delve into it immediately. He met with the project managers and was ready to go. He followed the instructions to a tee, but when he delivered the product, they did not like it. They came back with a long list of feedback that stunned him. He felt rejected and inexperienced.

After receiving the feedback he needed to produce a second recording, Christian went back to work. He made sure he hit every single point made on the feedback form. When he delivered the work, it was rejected again. This time the project managers said that it was worse than the first one.

At this point, most people would have given up, but he did not. He asked them for additional feedback. When he received it, he looked at the first set of criticisms and then second one. He digested all of it and reviewed all of the background information again. Once he felt confident enough, he went back to the microphone. He recorded it again and delivered it.

Just as he was ready to hear the bad news, he was surprised with a call that it was accepted. The project managers said that they loved his tenacity and would love to work with him on several other projects if he was up for it. He was thrilled and ready to take on whatever they had for him. Christian is now a very successful voiceover artist making a great living.

These voiceover success stories show you that the industry does have its difficulties, but you can get through them and become successful. Just don’t give up.