How to Get the Corporate Voiceover Work You Need

Corporate voiceover is one of the most common types of voiceover work available today. Companies may need to hire you for an information video, a flash presentation, or a marketing video. As a voice artist for a specific business or brand, this means one important thing: your voice will represent the company you’re working with.

If you are new to corporate narration, however, landing a good project can be a challenge. The following tips can help you navigate through the challenging but gratifying terrain of business-related voiceover work. 

  1. Learn what you can about the company or brand.

Companies, brands, and institutions are all in the common business of selling something, whether in the form of a product, service or idea. The first crucial step to make when doing industrial voiceovers is to learn about the company you will be working with. Is the company or business engaged in financing, gas refining, cosmetics manufacturing, or some other? This knowledge will help you position yourself effectively as one of the voices associated with the brand. 

  1. Adopt an appropriate voiceover tone and style.

Although the term corporate almost always translates to ‘formal or business-like’, corporate voiceover work doesn’t always need a serious tone. Thus, as a voice actor you have to study your material. For whom is it targeted? Does it require formal narration, or a more casual storytelling approach? Whatever the project is, modifying your voice to appeal to the listening audience is of utmost importance.

  1. Keyword emphasis is key

Any voiceover text or script will contain important terms that need to be highlighted throughout the narration. These are the keywords associated with the product, service, and ideas or concepts that the business may be selling. Since it is crucial that these words or phrases be properly communicated, you need to enunciate them clearly and persuasively in the recording.

  1. Attend corporate voiceover conferences

One good way to get into the corporate mindset is to attend voiceover conferences. Of course, you need not attend every available conference there is. But attending a few good ones on a regular basis could bring you opportunities you never would have otherwise obtained. These conferences can be a great way for you to meet with fellow voice artists, rub elbows with companies looking for voice talent, and improve your visibility in the industry overall.

As in any kind of voiceover work, corporate voiceovers will demand no less than the best you can give, voice-wise. Whether you are narrating for an instructional video or an employee training manual, the important thing is for your voice to epitomize successfully the company’s vision and ideals.