Getting Ready for the Colder Weather as a Voiceover Artist

The weather is getting cooler. Voiceover artists everywhere are bracing themselves for another chilly autumn and cold winter ahead. As you get ready for the colder months, consider these ways to protect your voice.

Scarves are Necessary

Do not leave your home without a scarf wrapped around your neck. If possible, place it over your nose and mouth as well. The scarf will keep your throat warm and filter some of that cold air, so you do not breathe it into your throat and lungs.

Put Your Doctor on Speed Dial

As soon as you believe you are sick, call your doctor. There is no sense in waiting until you lose your voice to call him. If you get into the doctor’s office quick enough, you may be able to get some antibiotics or medication that will save your voice.

Inhale Steam

You can produce steam in a few different ways:

  1. Purchase a humidifier. This is the easiest way to produce steam. When you turn it on, place your head far enough away from the steam that you do not burn yourself. Be sure you can inhale the steam and then breathe it back out again with ease.
  2. Boil some water on your stove. Turn off the heat to it and place a towel over your head. Drape the ends of the towel over the pot and then breathe the steam in deeply. This means to take a deep breath through your nose and then breathe it out through your mouth. Do it for 60 seconds.
  3. Run a hot shower. If your shower gets hot enough, this is an easy way to create a spa-like experience and protect your voice. Run the shower until your bathroom fills with steam. You can then sit and relax while breathing the steam in and out.

It is best to do steam treatment twice a day during the colder months since it can greatly help the quality of your voice.

You may want to add Eucalyptus oil to the water you are steaming. It can help loosen mucous in your throat.

Drink Tea

Tea can be so beneficial to your throat. Hot tea can soothe a scratchy throat. Choose herbal teas because they tend to help with any swelling your throat may be experiencing from the frigid temperatures.

To sweeten the tea, try honey. Honey will coat your throat. This can further protect your throat from the cold and help break up any mucous.

Take Breaks as Needed

Your throat goes through a lot during the colder months of the year. Do not push your throat to do more than it can do during this time. Give yourself many breaks, keep your water and tea close, and make sure to take care of yourself. The more you do to make sure you do not get sick, the more likely you will be able to get through these next few months being just as productive as you are the rest of the year.