Pros and Cons of Hiring a New Voiceover Talent

Should You Hire a New Voiceover Talent? The Pros and Cons

If you’ve had voiceover work done on your videos or presentations in the past, you will know that some of the best voice actors command a steep fee for their services. This may drive you to seek a less expensive option, and one of these is getting the services of a new voiceover talent.

But is an inexperienced voice actor worth the risk? The answer ultimately boils down to one thing — what you need.

The Affordability Factor 

One clear advantage with hiring new voice talents is that they usually charge more affordable rates. Compared to a more experienced voice actor with years of experience under their belt, the newbie will reasonably charge lower rates. This is a reasonable option if you are working on a budget or if you’ve recently put up a business and you can’t afford to pay for more expensive voiceover work services.

Fortunately, many new voiceover talents bank on their impressive skills and good training. If your new voice actor has had impressive training, they may do well on their very first job. As a matter of fact, many of the popular voice actors today have had to start as an inexperienced newbie on their first hires.

The Risks in Trusting a New Voiceover Talent 

Nonetheless, going for an inexperienced voice actor comes with heavy risks. Most voiceover projects require a voice actor ready to take on the work with very little supervision. In any field or industry, nothing compensates for experience. This is the same for anyone in the voice acting field. If you pay for the services of a newbie that fails to deliver, you will then have to pay for another voice actor that hopefully does the job this time. This means overspending on something which you should have entrusted to more experienced professionals from the very start.

For sure, there are many new and talented voice actors waiting to be discovered. And when you do find them, you will have discovered a real gem. But not all of them are worthy of your time and your trust. After all, affordability in voiceover work does not always equate to cost-effectiveness in the end.