Learning About an Industry Through Voice Over Work

Voice over work has so many benefits. You will find many of those benefits throughout my blog. I would like to highlight another one that you may find inspiring to keep you going on days when you are feeling bogged down.

The Knowledge You Gain as a Voice Over Artist

How many times have you took on voice over work that was not in your niche? As much as you know you do not have a lot of knowledge on the topic, you took the work because it may have paid well or you just thought it was interesting. In any case, it is likely after you were done with the project, you felt as though you gained much more than just a paycheck – you gained knowledge.

The knowledge you gain from voice over work can be carried on with you much farther than a few hundred dollars. The money can always be spent, but knowledge will remain with you forever.

A wonderful example of this is in an interview with Roger Craig Smith in The Washington Post. Smith is the voice over artist for “Say Yes to the Dress.” He has narrated every episode since the show started in 2007. Due to his work, he knows more about wedding dresses than he ever thought he would know.

Some of the things that Smith says are:

“Jenny pulls a satin ball gown to get a sense of the bride’s style.”

“Melissa’s sexy lace gown is an unexpected hit.”

You may not picture a man in his late 30s who does voice over work for popular video games such as Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, and Avengers Assemble talking about wedding gowns, but he does and will continue to do it for as long as he can continue to do the narrations for the show.

So just because you may not fit the ideal persona of someone who would be interested in the niche, it does not mean you cannot do it. With enough research, practice, and guidance, you can learn the niche and become an authority on it. This is what will make your voice believable to everyone listening to it.

Feel Good About Voice Over Work

With every voice over project you decide to take, you should feel good about it. You are improving yourself with every job you do. You are learning and taking the knowledge you gain with you. That is something you should feel proud of every single day.