5 Ways Voiceover Work and Family Influence Each Other

Many voiceover artists do not realize an important connection that could be affecting their work quality – family. Family has a lot to do with how you perform as a voiceover artist. Learning how they affect it can help you control the feelings, emotions, and other factors that come into play as you work.

#1: Happiness Overflows into Voiceover Work

When you are happy with your family, you will feel inspired, motivated, and ready to tackle even the toughest voiceover work. You derive a certain energy from your family when everyone is in a good mood and happy with one another.

#2: Family Problems Can Lead to Voiceover Work Problems

Of course, the opposite is true when a family is having problems. When there is an argument or something traumatic happens, voiceover work can suffer because it can be difficult to focus on it. You may not be able to conjure the emotions needed to alter effectively your voice in the way the client would like you to for the project. You may also not be able to get your work done because you are trying to solve the problems in your family.

#3: Family Support Can Lead to Great Business Growth

If you have ever tried to do something without your family backing you up, you know how hard it can be. Sometimes, you need your family to help you mentally, emotionally, and even physically. They may need to step in and do some things on their own, or they may have to build you up when you’re having a bad day. When your family supports you, growing your voiceover business is much easier.

#4: Family Demands Can Keep You from Work

Your family needs you at times, and it is your responsibility to help them. This may mean you will have to take time away from your voiceover work. This is okay because you are working on something much more important – your family. Always try to keep your head above water as much as possible as far as your business goes, but be sure to give your family the time they need as well.

#5: Family Arguments Can Lead to Client Arguments

Your patience wears thin when you are in disagreements with your family. Since they are so close to you, any disagreement can pull at your heartstrings so much that it can start to overflow to other relationships, such as those with your clients. This can be damaging to your voiceover work, so be sure to take a deep breath before you speak to your client. You want to be able to calm yourself down as much as possible, so none of the feelings you are having for a family member come across to the client.

It is amazing how much of an influence your family has on your voiceover work. Luckily, now that you know some of those influences, you will be able to spot them and either appreciate it or find ways to decrease their effect. With time, you will embrace both your family and voiceover work to bring them together in harmony for maximum success.