5 Customer Retention Tips for your Voiceover Business

Any business owner or freelancer knows one clear thing: it is the clients that drive a business or career. If you are in the industry of providing voiceover services, it is no different. Without your market and a solid customer base, you will not be able to translate your efforts into profits.

Nonetheless, there is more to effective marketing than just customer acquisition. You also have to be able to keep your clients. Remember, a returning customer is a customer that has chosen to trust in you and your voiceover work. This is already an opportunity for your voiceover business to maintain that customer and obtain other clients in the process.

When done right, the following customer retention strategies may improve your list of loyal clients for the long-term:

  1. Provide exemplary work.

Without top-notch services, it will be difficult for your other client retention strategies to work their charm. You have to focus on delivering stellar voiceover results every single time, from one project to another.

  1. Create loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are good way to give back to your returning clients. Whether it’s by way of a discount or a freebie, these offers will surely build a stronger rapport between you and your clients.

  1. Ask for constructive feedback.

Clients appreciate it when their comments are also appreciated. They have listened to you voice; maybe this time you can also listen to what they have to say. The practice of soliciting feedback also helps in establishing you as a trustworthy, confident professional.

  1. Resolve issues quickly.

Prompt resolution of issues is clearly important in any business. Your customers are just as busy as you are, so they would appreciate it if you act on any concern as soon as possible.

  1. Reach out to your customers consistently.

You don’t have to wait for your customers to actually transact with you again before you resume communicating with them. Voiceover talents can have a lucrative career, but the degree of competition online can be overwhelming. By reaching out to your customers, through newsletters or even a simple birthday greeting, you are helping them remember you and your business.

In today’s business climate, where offers are available offline and over the Web, you need more than just making new customers. You have to be able to keep them from choosing the next voiceover talent. While there are many other ways for you to retain your loyal patrons, these above-mentioned tips will no doubt help your voice-over business be a top-of-mind choice.