3 Reasons Why a Female Voice Actor Can Be the Better Choice for Business Videos

One of the crucial elements of a business video — whether it’s an explainer, a marketing feature, or a short advertisement — is the choice of a voiceover actor. Research conducted by ConversionXL showed that a female voice actor is typically preferred by audiences for business video voiceovers. But what could be the reasons for this?

Listed below are some of the advantages in using a female voice actor for your next business video voice acting project:

  1. Trustworthiness. ConversionXL’s study on the preference for either male or female voiceovers for explainer videos found that a significantly higher number of participants trusted explainer videos with female narration more than those with male narration.

Even more surprising is the fact that professionalism did not factor into the result. Regardless of whether a professional or an amateur was responsible for the voice acting, female voice actors were still deemed more trustworthy than their male counterparts.

  1. Engagement and persuasiveness. Given the nurturing nature of women, their voices are associated with teaching, helping, and non-threatening instruction, which can be more persuasive in the long run. Thus, female voices are generally ideal to use in instructional videos, commercials, and narrations.
  1. Versatility. Due to the compassionate and high-pitched nature of the female voice, it can sell or promote virtually any product or service, from make-up to refrigerators to cellphones to real estate.

While there are some products that a male voice can sell more effectively, such as cars and computers, most video marketing materials call for voice inflection, tone, and emotion in their narration. This gives the female voiceover a significant edge.

Gone are the days when business people would use software to mimic a personable style of voice acting. Today, customers demand authenticity, and this legitimacy should translate from any marketing material to an actual product or service.

While the choice between a male voice actor and a female voice actor will depend on the kind of product your business is promoting, studies clearly show that the female voiceover is preferred by most audiences in terms of trustworthiness and likeability.

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